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This website hosts games made by Måns Olson (that’s me). I also go by nicknames Morre and Dragonene on places around the Internet. I work as a game developer at Mojang, where I’m currently on the Scrolls team. I’ve also worked at Fabrication Games, where I wrote my thesis for a master’s degree in computer science. The studies took place at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as the University of Melbourne in Australia.

The majority of the games on this site were made for the Java4k and Ludumdare 48h game development contests. Some of the games are collaborations or group projects. When this has been the case, the other authors are listed in the game entry.

Most of the games on this site are hobby projects written in Java, but I also commonly work with C#, C++ and ActionScript3. My tools of choice include Java2D, LWJGLSlickUnity3D and Visual Studio.

Please, feel free to try any of the games - I hope you find them enjoyable!