Hexquisite Corpse Tile (Daily Sketches)  

I decided to try my hand at the Hexquisite Corpse collaboration over at the Pixelation forums. I really like the end result of the collaboration, although I feel kind of out of place - my tile doesn’t quite hold up. Anyway, here it is:

Hexquisite Corpse Tile. I think I learned a few things working on this, but in retrospect I should probably have chosen something I can handle better.

  Happiness (or thereabouts)? (Daily Sketches)  

I was given a whole bunch of palettes by astrofra, and selected this one. Then Bigger said I should pixel the pure rapture of doing something you love. Well… Oookay then… :>

Happiness. Not spectacularly detailed or anything, but I’m pretty happy with it nonetheless. :)

  Sky Shack (Daily Sketches)  

The neat palette for this time was provided by Jrsquee (thanks!). I’ve been delaying this post for a few days because I wanted to use the pink/purple, but I just can’t seem to fit it in. So… Well, this is a cop-out. Apart from that, I think it turned out okay.

Sky Shack.

  Cat 1 (Daily Sketches)  

Well, I was given another lovely palette by DrPetter, but I’m afraid I didn’t put it to good use. Sorry!

Cat 1

Cat 1. Not very happy with this one.

  Space Colony (Daily Sketches)  

DrPetter gave me a nice palette and the task to create a space colony under attack. Thanks! :)

Space Colony. I tried to use correct perspective rules for this one. It’s a bit too clean and flat, but apart from that I think it’s okay.

  Zombie Helicopter? (Daily Sketches)  

Alright, so this time I was given a seven-color palette by GirlFlash. And then somebody told me to make a helicopter… with Zombies. Well, then!

Zombie Chopper? Wasn’t my idea. I promise!

  Monochromes 1 (Daily Sketches)  

I was given a palette I couldn’t put to good use (sorry!), so I decided it was as good a time as any to try out some monochrome pixelling (well, bichrome, I suppose, since I used two colors…)

Monochromes 1. That’s… an icecream and a stone age robot. Supposedly.


EDIT: I couldn’t resist making some random mockup. Collectible fruit would of course have been vastly superior to that ugly ice cream, but you can’t get everything. :>




  Figurines 1 (Daily Sketches)  

Sparky and Dock both recommended I work some with lighting, in particular on somewhat more complex shapes. I know this isn’t exactly it, but hopefully it’s a step in the right direction. Lighting is tricky for me! :)

Figurines 1. Could use some further work, I think.

  Dawn 1 (Daily Sketches)  

I wanted to do something more elaborate and complex, but I was simply too tired… so this will have to do! If I feel up to it I might make another one later today.

Dawn 1. A bit too simplistic, but I’m relatively happy with it anyway.

  Pixels! (Daily Sketches)  

I’ve been pixelling with limited (mostly 5 color) palettes a couple of times now. I try to get somebody on IRC to pick a palette for me, and somebody else to decide what to make. Helps me focus, and also limits my options (in a good way).

A couple of people on #ludumdare have been posting “Daily Sketches”. In practice, this means drawings, 3d models and other creations. It’s like a small (but lovely!) community for regular creativity output. I’m planning to join them by posting my pixel stuff here. Links to the other blogs to follow shortly!

While I haven’t made anything particularly spectacular, the hope is that I’ll improve over time.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

(Click any of the images to see it in 2x scale)


Jelly baby fish (no, not baby jelly fish. They’re not jelly fish). Apart from the low contrast between the fishes and background I’m relatively happy with this.


Island Fruit. Im not at all happy with this one, but Im posting it anyway. I dont want to be backing out in my first post!

Island Fruit. I’m not really happy with how this one turned out, but I’m posting it anyway. I don’t want to be backing out in my first post!


Tree 1. The canopy is somewhat flat, but hey... :)

Tree 1. The canopy is somewhat flat, but hey… :)


Color Experiment 1. A first attempt at using a preset five-color palette. The head and ugly box were actually separate, I just put them on top of each other for good measure.

Color experiment 1. A first attempt at using a preset five-color palette. The head and ugly box were actually separate. I just put them on top of each other for good measure.

I suspect I won’t be able to keep this up daily, but I’ll try to keep it at least somewhat regular! :)