J4K07 - Java 4K 2007 unofficial feedback

If you're interested in knowing anything about me and how I'm involved in this contest, I go by the name Morre around the web. My real name is Måns Olson, and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I'm 20 years old and studying Computer Science at RIT (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. That is, I study programming and mathematics. I'm a frequent gamer, and I've been playing on video game consoles and computers for the better part of my life. Considering myself both a gamer and a programmer, I've been active in the 4k contest for the last three years, submitting several games of my own (including three this year, which I obviously won't comment on in this text). Some of you also know me as "Dragonene" in the LWJGL channel on the freenode IRC server. In other words, I haven't quite the experience of UlfJack, but hey, I'll try my best to be helpful and constructive anyway :)

I will be using the scoring system UlfJack used, and try to be fairly consistent with his way of scoring. Note that all games will here gain a default "2" for technical, and will only go below that if there are obvious bugs or technical flaws in the game (or if the game's very, very simple). In most cases, where the bugs aren't major, these will appear in the "Other" category instead.

Unless there's an extraordinary idea involved (one that affects gameplay score), I do not award extra points for originality. My reasons for this are wanting to keep with UlfJack's scoring system, and because original ideas can be very hard to come up with. However, rest assured I notice and appreciate originality, and that, if a game is original enough, it will reflect in the gameplay score.

Also note that I will at times comment on graphics coherency and color schemes. By "graphically coherent" I mean that the same type or graphics are used (vectors, sprites, shapes, whatever it may be) or that the different interface parts fit together in a seamless or obvious manner. Color shemes are related to this, because colors can fit together well or poorly. In this context, contrast is also relevant, and in my opinion an important aspect of making the interface nice to use. I am by no means an expert on such matters, but they do interest me and I've always been something of a color perfectionist when it comes to creating designs of my own.

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