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Left and right mouse buttons (or Z/X) fires the orange and red ropes respectively. Hold CTRL to fire red rope with the left mouse button. Q skips to the next map, W takes you to the previous one.
Press L to load a map when in game.

There is one version above with replays that is not 4k. Use A to save a replay when it says "click to begin", and A to load when in game. Unfortunately, Z and X do not work in this version.

map archive

Name Author Map +
for k-dawg i suck at chem ap +
sdf sdf +
giorgio armaniiii k-dub +
Big SPiral CaptainJester +
Big Z! CaptainJester +
Climbing Balls CaptainJester +
Fly First CaptainJester +
Which Way CaptainJester +
Big SPiral CaptainJester +
Too Easy CaptainJester +
Ball Climb CaptainJester +
Loop Back CaptainJester +
Free Fall CaptainJester +
Giant Cave Don +
Speedrun1 Morre +
Speeeeeed Don +
Obstacle Course Followup Don +
M Don +
Obstacle Course Don +
Dual Layer Don +
Small Cave Don +
Chaos Dungeon Tweak Don +
Bowl Morre +

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