Pixeloids4k (games)  

Pixeloids4k is a casual puzzle game in which you guide goo to the indicated area by creating shockwaves with your mouse.

Play Pixeloids4k (Java applet)

Pixeloids4k was made for the 2009 Java4k competition.  
  Splosh4k (games)  

Splosh4k is an exploration/puzzle game where you have to identify your surroundings with a paint slingshot, and cover enough of the walls with paint.

Play Splosh4k (Java applet)

Splosh4k was made for the 2009 Java4k competition.  
  Bridge4k (games)  

Bridge4k is a bridge-building game. The goal is to build a bridge that will hold for a ball to roll over it twice, while having only a limited amount of money at your disposal.

Play Bridge4k (Java applet)

Bridge4k was made for the 2009 Java4k competition.  
  Tekicars4k (games)  

Tekicars4k is a puzzle game. The goal is to alter the level so that all your tekicars are able to leave the screen safely. My aim while making the game was to create game mechanics somewhere between “The Incredible Machine” and “Chip’s Challenge”.  

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Download Tekicars4k (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Tekicars4k was entered in two competitions: Ludum Dare #13, a 48-hour programming competition, and the 2009 Java4k competition.  
  Spiderball4k (games)  

In Spiderball4k, the goal is to guide a ball to the end of the level by firing ropes with your mouse. This may seem easy, but it is in fact a lot trickier than it appears.

Play Spiderball4k (Java Webstart)

Website (with instructions)

Spiderball4k was the overall winner of the 2008 Java4k competition.

Tomas Alaeus (Don) helped create the website and replay version.  
  Spingle (games)  

Spingle is a jumping game where the goal is to collect coins and get as high as you can (in the style of Bunguru and Icy Tower).

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Spingle on (for instructions)

Spingle was made for the 2008 Java4k competition.  
  Bullets4k (games)  

Bullets4k is an action-oriented gravity maze puzzle game! Yes, that’s a real category of games (perhaps).

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Bullets4k on (for instructions)

Bullets4k was made for the 2007 Java4k competition.  
  Scorch14_4k (games)  

Scorch14_4k is a simple Scorched Earth clone with a built-in terrain editor.

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Scorch14_4k on (for instructions)

Scorch14_4k was made for the 2007 Java4k competition.  
  Icejump4k (games)  

Icejump4k is a competetive action game for one player against the AI or two players on one keyboard. The goal is to get the other player into the freezing water.

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Icejump4k on (for instructions)

Icejump4k was made for the 2006 Java4k competition.  
  Freefall4k (games)  

Freefall4k is a very simple falling game, where the goal is to hit as many clouds as possible on the way down. What makes gameplay interesting is that this is a one-button game: You can only push the ball left, so to go right you’ll have to bounce off the left wall. Being one of my earlier 4k games, there is not a lot of content in this game.

Play Freefall4k (Java Webstart)

Freefall4k on (for instructions)

Freefall4k was made for the 2006 Java4k competition.