New game - Cavernous Shooter! (news)  

Another game, Cavernous Shooter!, can now be found over at the games page.

The game is an entry for Ludum Dare #15, a 48 hour game programming contest. Although I didn’t get any great ideas and the game was looking rather plain half-way through, I think it turned out pretty okay!  
  Cavernous Shooter! (games)  

Cavernous Shooter! is a little top-down shooter set in a cave environment. Fight your way past hordes of enemies, and try to explore the entire cave system!

Windows / OSX / Linux / Source
Java Webstart

Cavernous Shooter! was made for Ludum Dare #15, a 48-hour game programming competition.  
  Sky Upon Us! (games)  

Sky Upon Us! is a game about trying to save your village from a doomsday satellite by destroying the flying walls (sic.) that try to activate it. To do this, you must fling stars at them by drawing arrows on the screen.

Play Sky Upon Us! (Java Webstart)

Download Sky Upon Us! (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Sky Upon Us! was made for Ludum Dare #14, a 48-hour programming competition. The version above contains a small bug fix not that was not in the final competition version. The original version can be found here.  
  Towerball (games)  

Towerball is a climbing game. The two balls, tied together with a rubber band, are fired using the mouse. Each wall you hit on your way to the goal increases your score.

Play Towerball (Java Webstart)

Download Towerball (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Towerball won the “Innovation” category of Ludum Dare #12, a 48-hour programming competition.